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Global trade data is highly valuable to economic agents but suffers from latency, has many different sources, and comes in large volumes that are hard to manage.

gKNi stands for global Kuehne + Nagel indicators

Extensive Data

gKNi leverages the largest possible inventory of logistics and supply chain data, from both public and proprietary sources.
We use big data and predictive analytics to provide the most up-to-date insights to economic agents.

Global Coverage

We provide estimates for exports, imports, balance of trade (aggregated, by sector and by trade lane) and industrial production. gKNi covers the health of 12 countries, 6 sectors, accounting for 50% of world trade.

Global Coverage

We analyse trade globally across multiple industries or individual commodities.
For clients with specific requirements, we create bespoke analysis and estimates as a service.


The gKNi service is available through an online platform, newsletter and API

Online Platform

Analytics and estimates analysis
Data exploration
Weekly research and alerts



Weekly delivery
Overview of economic indicators
Commentary and highlights



File transfers
Custom models