What does LogIndex stands for?

LogIndex AG is the data company of Kuehne + Nagel Group with a FinTech and a LogTech arm. The LogTech arm offers logistics industry data-driven products for the logistics and supply chain industry.

Specialized in Big Data Analytics and Trade Nowcasting, LogIndex serves also as an innovation laboratory within the Kuehne + Nagel Group. Founded in 2016, LogIndex, working with software engineers, economists and other specialists, is developing solutions whose prototypes are tested directly on the market. The innovation lab supports Kuehne + Nagel‘s digital initiatives and cooperates with reputable external networks, including universities. Integrating these various experiences, competencies and backgrounds creates an ideal platform for the development of new business approaches, which can benefit the customers of Kuehne + Nagel and the entire logistics sector as well.

What is the value proposition?

> In short, get advanced insights into industrial production and foreign trade for the largest economies with gKNi Trade Nowcasts.
> Daily updates, starting up to 60 days prior to official release.
> The system warns of trade and industrial production deviation from consensus or historical averages.
> Analyze in-depth trade relationships: Track merchandise trade between countries or by sector (High-Tech, Consumer, Industrial, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Pharma). Search and track trade of specific goods based on their HS or import tariff codes. This means you are able to create your own ‘basket’ of goods and watch how they trade between two or multiple countries.
> Research a shipper, consignee, or carrier’s supply chain and learn about shipping volumes and values, trading partners, and ports visited based on 25 million transport documents, updated in near real-time.
> Get ahead the curve of the business cycle thanks the gKNi World Trade Indicator (WTI) and gKNI Industrial Production (WIP), as a support planning tool for investors, asset managers, procurement specialists, CEOs, or CFOs.
> Besides the overall business cycle, the data gives indications of the out- and underperformance of regions, countries, sectors, products as well as price trends and potential impacts on currencies.

How much data is processed?

Global Kuehne + Nagel Indicators processes over 200 million records per day, most of which comes from satellites and radar in seafreight and airfreight.

About gKNi World Industrial Production (WIP)

gKNi World Industrial Production provides a real-time assessment of the activity in the manufacturing and mining sector around the globe. The seasonally and inflation-adjusted indicator is expressed in month over month percentage changes. The barometer is based on LogIndex’s real-time analytics of the largest economies which account for about 80% of global industrial production.

Who has the lead?

João Monteiro is the Managing Director of LogIndex AG and Head New Business Kuehne + Nagel Group (joao.monteiro@logindex.com). Detlef Trefzger is the Board of directors-President of LogIndex AG and CEO Kuehne + Nagel Group.

What about homepage and social networks?

Logindex.com is the official homepage. Here are the hyperlinks to various social networks:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/logindex-ag/
Twitter: twitter.com/gkninet
Homepage of the parent company: https://www.kuehne-nagel.com/

Test account: Is a free trial available?

For further information and to set up your free 2 week trial, please contact João Monteiro, Managing Director, LogIndex AG, joao.monteiro@logindex.com, or choose the link to the contact form below or on the homepage respectively, also in terms of questions about subscription fees per year and team. https://logindex.com/contact

What's the address?

LogIndex AG
Data Company of Kuehne + Nagel Group
Dorfstrasse 50 
CH-8834 Schindellegi — Switzerland
+41 (0)44 786 95 11 

Information from the commercial register: 

What does gKNi stands for?

Global Kuehne + Nagel Indicators (gKNi) provide real-time assessments of global trade, in short, Trade Nowcasting. gKNi as a financial services product is operated by LogIndex, part of the Kuehne + Nagel Group. The indicators combine proprietary Kuehne + Nagel anonymized, aggregated shipment data across different transport modes with external sources, such as throughput of ports, daily customs data, as well as detailed vessel and aircraft movements in real time.

LogIndex provides 2-period-ahead forecasts of widely-tracked macroeconomic indicators derived from real-time physical trade flows and Kuehne + Nagel’s order book. As one of the largest freight forwarders in the world, Kuehne + Nagel (SIX: KNIN) has the breadth and depth of expertise needed to interpret and produce Trade Nowcasts.

What is the scope of gKNi Trade Nowcasting?

> LogIndex provides estimates for exports, imports, trade balance, and industrial production. gKNi Trade Nowcasting covers the health of 17 countries, 6 sectors, accounting for over 60% of global trade and more than 75% of world’s GDP.
> The service allows users individually to create an infinite number of indicators based on clusters, comprising 30,000 product categories, and the selection of specific trade lanes between two or multiple trade partners.
> The customers are able to monitor the activity level of the main seaports, which account for half of global maritime trade.
> In airfreight, the nowcast platform covers the 25 largest cargo airports in 14 countries, accounting for 75 percent of air cargo worldwide.
> The user finds around 25 million transport documents (Bills of Lading) in the database with detailed content about product category, shipper and consignee — originally sourced from governments.
> Finally, clients can track the daily updated gKNi World Trade Indicator (WTI) and gKNi World Industrial Production (WIP).

About gKNi World Trade Indicator (WTI)

The gKNi World Trade Indicator (WTI) is one of numerous series within Global Kuehne + Nagel Indicators (gKNi) operated by LogIndex — part of the Kuehne + Nagel Group — specializes in Trade Nowcasting and Big Data Analytics. Measured in nominal USD terms und seasonally adjusted, the gKNi World Trade Indicator summarizes LogIndex’s export and import estimates of the most relevant trade partners, accounting for over 60% of international trade and more than 75% of GDP World. In contrast to a pure volume metrics, the WTI is influenced by effects of price changes — products, taxes, tariffs, transport costs — and foreign exchange rates as well. The indicator combines proprietary Kuehne + Nagel real-time global shipment data across different transport modes with external sources, such as throughput of ports, daily customs data, as well as very detailed vessel and aircraft movements in real time. Given the close ties to international trade, the indicator provides signals for logistics and manufacturing sector as well as financial and commodity markets. As cross-border trade itself is an early indicator of the economic trend around the globe, the unique World Trade Indicator provides reliable Nowcasts on the health of the global economy.

Where is the contact form?

See Homepage on the top or click on the following link: https://logindex.com/contact

What is the background?

The financial markets move rapidly, processing and distributing huge amounts of data instantly. However, key macroeconomic data are only available once a month and with considerable delay. gKNi Trade Nowcasting bridges the gap between the real-time information requirements of today‘s financial markets and the lack of existing up-to-date data from the global economy. With gKNi, the Kuehne + Nagel Group offers estimates of exports, imports and industrial production two months ahead the official statistics. This allows investors to make early decisions and identify risk situations.

Nowcasts* from the transport and logistics sector, a hub for raw materials, capital goods and final products, are seen as an early indicator for the development of the global economy. This applies in particular to international cross-border trade. Kuehne + Nagel is regarded for its up-to–the-minute knowledge of global markets and international trade flows, and regularly receives questions about trends.

Innovation and continuous development are integral parts of the Kuehne + Nagel culture. It was therefore a logical step to enhance the existing knowledge about trends by using Big Data and methods of Predictive Analytics, and to offer the resulting market intelligence as a new service to customers within the financial and logistics sectors.

With the expertise gained in dealing with Big Data and Predictive Analytics, we have laid the foundation for further, innovative logistics services. We focus on solution-driven innovations that generate sustained added value for customers and business partners.

*Nowcasting is a contraction for ‘now’ and ‘forecasting’. Nowcasting is the prediction of the present, the very near future and the very recent past in economics. This technique is used to monitor the state of the economy in real time. It has recently become popular in economics as standard measures used to assess the state of an economy — e.g., gross domestic product (GDP), are only determined after a long delay, and are even then subject to subsequent revisions.

More background:
Capital Markets Day 2017: https://www.kn-portal.com/about_us/investor_relations/financial_results_presentations/