gKNi with air freight insights

April 6, 2018


LogIndex, the data company of Kuehne + Nagel, has extended its transportation analytics to air freight. Monitoring the 25 largest airports, LogIndex covers 75 percent of air cargo worldwide. The indicators pool actual data and calculate nowcasts of transported tonnages. LogIndex has already a comprehensive ocean freight analytics tool in place that monitors the activity level of the main seaports.

Depending on the relevance and data availability, the indicators distinguish between international inbound and outbound shipments, transhipment and domestic air-shipped cargo. As air freight is an early indicator of the business cycle, the new features enable near real-time assessments of the current state of national economies. Air freight is responsible for more than 30 percent of the cross-border merchandise trade by value.

The air freight transportation mode is particularly favorable for e-commerce and express deliveries, above all in boom cycles. Furthermore, discretionary products such as high-tech (semiconductors, smart phones) or perishables (meat, flowers) are often carried by aircraft.


Share of global air freight by country: United States and China (here: Mainland China plus Hong Kong) are the most important countries based on air cargo, followed by Japan and Germany. Table with the busiest airports by cargo.

The new air freight indicators consider the airports in the following countries, ranked by share of air-shipped cargo: United States, China , Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Germany, South Korea, India, Taiwan, Singapore, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Qatar, Thailand, Turkey, Colombia, Malaysia, Australia, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, South Africa, Spain, Indonesia, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina.

Global Kuehne + Nagel Indicators (gKNi) operated by LogIndex leverages the largest possible inventory of logistics and supply chain data, from both public and proprietary sources. The company uses big data and predictive analytics to provide the most up-to-date insights to economic agents.